Green Tasmanian Builder

Welcome to GreenTasBuilder: A blog about our journey into owner building a hempcrete home in Northern Tasmania.

We moved into our sustainable home in 2020 and in 2021 started up DIYECO, a small business that aims to further educate in sustainable building by holding tours of our home to start with and eventually other people’s energy efficient/sustainable homes. For more details of our tours please visit our website or follow us on Facebook @DiyEcoHomeTours

To give a brief overview of our journey to this point please keep reading. If you just want to dive into the owner building stuff please use the categories on the side or the search function.

During 2017 Sean got the notion that after renovating two houses sustainably it might be interesting to see if an energy efficient house could be designed and built on a realistic budget.

Thus Green Tas Builder was born. The story of the build has been documented in this blog from finding a block of land to moving in to the finished house.

The house is a solar passive owner built two bedroom home using hempcrete for the walls, designed to be energy efficient, connected to the electricity grid and battery back up, with heat pump hot water uPVC double glazing, recycled materials, and much more.

In 2015 Sean and Mandy from Greentasreno finally finished renovating their house in the village of Westbury, Tasmania in the sustainable way that they envisaged. A record of their sustainable renovating adventures was put online at

To see the ‘before’ pictures please follow link in above paragraph to GreenTasReno

Also in 2015 we bought a three bedroom house in the same small village to renovate and rent. It was renovated using sustainable and ecological principles to make the tenants more comfortable, and to keep the bills down. This was also blogged

To see the ‘before’ photos and the work done follow link in above paragraph to GreenTasRenter

Sean, Mandy, and the ever present Jade the Jack Russell. (RIP Jade Easter 2021)